Basement LEDs

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

In order that the MonomeSerial software `sees` the monome clone, it`s necessary to change the serial number of the arduino`s EEPROM to resemble the serial number of a real monome. I successfully followed Melka`s instructions that have been posted on the bricktable blog (update: the bricktable blog instructions have been updated, you should follow

Basement LEDs
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those instructions rather than my version here). I installed the D2XX drivers on my winXP laptop first, following instructions in this PDF. This part requires you to have the arduino plugged into the PC via the usb cable. NB. while following these instructions the `found hardware wizard` will run twice, this is normal, just point it to the directory that contains the drivers you downloaded both times. There is 2 protocols described on the monome site, and the 64/128/256 seems to be more complete (15 message IDs, 9 for the 40h protocol), so maybe you`d better use m256-xxx I`ve been adjusting the MAX test code, to gets the lights moving in different ways. While doing this I noticed that if a row is asked to light seven or eight of its LEDs at once, all the lights go out and I have to reset the arduino to get it going again. I`d like to find out why that is. The button pad PCBs are all soldered up and all the components are in place in the breadboard version of the controller. To test that the MAX chip was working and wired up correctly, I uploaded this code to the arduino. The MAX7219 has `DIG` pins and `SEG` pins, corresponding to the two axes of the LED matrix. The SEG pins supply voltage to the grid, and the DIG pins act as ground sinks. The SEG pins are named A to G and the eighth pin is called SEG DP. The DP pin should come first in the sequence, not last (the way I wired it first). So I used a chisel and hammer. Which...

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