Basic gate function

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

To begin, connect a single NAND gate to two input switches and one LED, as shown. At first, the use of an 8-position switch and a 10-segment LED bargraph may seem excessive, since only two switches and one LED are needed to show the operation of a single NAND gate. However, the presence of those extra switches and LEDs make it very convenient to e

Basic gate function
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xpand the circuit, and help make the circuit layout both clean and compact. It is highly recommended that you have a datasheet for the 4011 chip available when you build your circuit. Don`t just follow the illustration shown above! It is important that you develop the skill of reading datasheets, especially "pinout" diagrams, when connecting IC terminals to other circuit elements. The datasheet`s connection diagram is an essential piece of information to have. Shown here is my own rendition of what any 4011 datasheet shows: In the breadboard illustration, I`ve shown the circuit built using the lower-left NAND gate: pin #`s 1 and 2 are the inputs, and pin #3 is the output. Pin #`s 14 and 7 conduct DC power to all four gate circuits inside the IC chip, "VDD" representing the positive side of the power supply (+V), and "Gnd" representing the negative side of the power supply (-V), or ground. Sometimes the negative power supply terminal will be labeled "VSS" instead of "Gnd" on a datasheet, but it means the same thing. Digital logic circuitry does not make use of split power supplies as op-amps do. Like op-amp circuits, though, ground is still the implicit point of reference for all voltage measurements. If I were to speak of a "high" signal being present on a certain pin of the chip, I would mean that there was full voltage between that pin and the negative side of the power supply (ground). Note how all inputs of the unused...

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