Battery Powered Soldering Iron PCB

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

As we know, traditional soldering irons uses mains ac supply to get heated but this will be annoying when we want to use it in the absence of mains supply. Here is a simple inexpensive circuit which we can call it as a inverter for normal soldering iron (25W, 30W, 35W). The circuit can drive the soldering iron in the absence of power supply from m

Battery Powered Soldering Iron PCB
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ains. This cold soldering iron circuit uses eight transistors and few resistors and capacitors. The battery should be a 12 Volt 7Ah. Each BC547 transitors - T1 and T2 form an astable multivibrator that produces 50Hz signal. The output of it drives the pnp darlington driver stage transistors formed by transistors T3-T5 and T6 utilizing BC558 and BD140. Two 2N3055 power transistors will perform push-pull operation whose output drives the transformer X1 which drives the soldering iron. When you power the circuit using switch S1, transformer X1 produces 230V AC at its primary terminal. This voltage can be used to heat your soldering iron. The battery backup will depend upon the power rating of the iron.

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