Battery Tester Circuit Schematic

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Is the battery empty, or is there something wrong with the device That`s always a difficult question when your walkman or some other battery-powered device appears to be dead when you switch it on. Before you take it to the shop for servicing, the first thing you should do is to test the battery or batteries. Of course, this means you need a reli

Battery Tester Circuit Schematic
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able battery tester, but it also means you can limit the damage to the cost of a battery or two and a one-time investment of time and money in building a suitable tester. Many commercial battery testers consist of nothing more than a resistor, a simple little meter and a push-button. Some manufacturers include an even simpler tester with a set of batteries, consisting of a strip of plastic with a layer of some sort of electrically conductive material that changes color when a current grows through it. If you press this strip over the battery between the positive and negative terminals, a fully charged battery will cause a more intense change in color than a partially discharged battery. Naturally, tests of this sort do not provide especially reliable or accurate results. The idea behind the circuit described here is to load a single battery, a set of batteries connected in series, a rechargeable battery, or even a small button cell with a reasonably constant current and use a separate multimeter or voltmeter module (M1) to check the voltage. A quickly decreasing voltage indicates that the battery or batteries will have to be replaced soon. If a constant-current circuit is used for the load, the current can never too be large and there is no need to make an adjustment for the number of cells. The constant-current circuit is specially designed to work with a voltage as low as 0. 9 V. It`s quite difficult to make a circuit...

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