Battery circuit

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This is NIMH Battery Charger using IC LTC4060 Electro Suite, a NIMH battery charger which is powerful, effective and efficient. Features of the IC LTC4060 is a specialization of a NIMH battery charger. NIMH Battery Charger with IC LTC4060 can perform safely NIMH battery charging since it comes with a battery temperature protection being in charge

Battery circuit
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and the peak level detection system of the battery voltage is in charge. System protection from excessive battery temperature using a temperature sensor NTC. The series of NIMH Battery Charger with IC LT4060 also features a charging indicator that lights up when charging and will off when the battery is full. IC LTC4060 used in this NIMH battery charger from Linear Technology is a production which is designed specially for the NIMH battery charger. This is Mini UPS using IC CD4047 Electro Suite, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), is used to cope if the electricity goes out. Although not reliable as the original UPS, the circuit is a bit meaningless. This circuit has a power output of about 1. 5 W. Before the main series there are a series of mini adapter that has a voltage between 9V/12V with a current of 500mA. The resulting voltage is used to operate the circuit and battery charge. The UPS is designed to keep electronic devices running despite power outages. When the inverter is run with the AC input, and then converted into DC voltage. On the output rectifier is used to fill the battery. When a power failure or outage of electric current, DC voltage and then flows into an inverter that produces AC voltage at the output of the inverter. The circuit is connected around the CD4047 IC that operates as a multivibrator at a frequency of 50 Hz. This multivibrator Q output drive MOSFETs IRF540. Inverter output is filtered and...

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