Bedini Self Oscillator High Voltage Output

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

I hook up a tesla pancake coil in series with my bifilar wound coil to generate the resonance and the sharp gradient discharge that creates a vacuum flux. I run the CFL on about. 07amps @12. 42volt + 0. 8694 watts! Around the bifilar pancake coil, I have also placed what would normally be a primary discharge coil (of tesla pancake) made of 1/2` plumbing copper tube that runs around it.

Bedini Self Oscillator High Voltage Output
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The bedini self oscillating circuit is being tapped at the collector to the neg of the ignition coil. The high voltage + is connected to a 20 watt CFL bulb with the internal circuitry removed and the negative goes to one side of the copper tubing primary of the pancake. The copper primary is gathering up radiant energy in the form of negative current (opposite to a tesla coil) and increasing both brightness and efficiency of the light. This is a win / win situation. (NOTE: the schematic shown actually has 2 self resonating circuits in it, a mirror image of the left to the right. In video i`m only using one such circuit. Also a neon bulb should be shown at the collector to the emitter of the MJL21194 transistor to protect the circuit should a discharge path to the secondary battery or CLF bulb happen to disconnect) I will be swapping the batteries back and forth manually as they run and aproach 12. 10volts. In the future a auto swapping circuit will be employed. This test is being done to help exhibit the extreme effiecency of this set up. I will be adding a 300 watt solar panel input to the system to help augment and facilitate lighting for my home. I already have the 6"x6" cells with triple bus bars to assemble and simply need more time to build the panel. The pancake is comprised of 32 inner windings of RG-6 coaxial cable and 4 windings of 1/2" copper flexible plumbing pipe for the outer, of what would typically be...

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