BiQuad Filter Circuit Diagram using LM3403 Quad Op Amp

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This LM3403 op amp family including LM3303 known to be a monolithic quad op amp which have high gain, a compensated internal frequency that will assure a wide range of voltages can be operated from both single and/or dual power supply. The circuit diagram shown Bi Quad Filter using LM3403 Quad Op Amp. As you can see, it uses example that fo=1000Hz

BiQuad Filter Circuit Diagram using LM3403 Quad Op Amp
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

, BW=100W, TBP (center frequency gain)=1, TN (bandpass notch gain)=1, R=160 kOhm, R1/2/3=1. 6 MOhm, and C=0. 001uF; where Q= BW/fo, fo= 1/(2*phi*R*C) VREF=0. 5*Vcc, R1=Q*R, R2= R1/TBP, R3= TN*R2, and C1= 10*C.

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