Bicycle Radio easy and cheap to build (April 1940)

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This article by Arthur C. Miller was issued on page 88 to 90 in the book `Radio For The Millions` (prepared in 1945 by Popular Science Monthly staff, but first published in `Popular Scienece Monthly` April 1940). Fans who would like to install a radio on their bicycles so they can enjoy their favorite programs while riding around town or on short

Bicycle Radio easy and cheap to build (April 1940)
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trips will find the inexpensive set described on these pages just what they have been looking for. Fitting in a basket mounted on the handlebars, the battery-operated, four-tube receiver contains its own loudspeaker. It gives excellent results on local broadcast stations, and if iron-core coils instead of the air-space type specified are used this range will be increased. Owing to the directional properties of a loop antenna, a 4` metal rod was chosen instead. The metal rod is connected directly to the grid cap of the radio-frequency tube. Both of the set`s coils are tuned by a midget two-gang tuning condenser, which is mounted on the sloping panel by means of two right-angle brackets. The antenna rod is insulated from the metal cabinet by a ceramic stand-off insulator. The tops of these insulators are usually threaded, and the best method of attaching the aluminum rod is to thread it to fit, and screw it into the insulator. For greater signal strength, the set will have to be grounded. The bicycle frame provides excellent counterpoise capacity for this purpose. Keep tuned as you ride with this receiver. Note how the tubes are mounted on aluminum chassis, the speaker on the sloping panel, and how the batteries are arranged in the cabinet. The steel cabinet used for housing the chassis and batteries measures 6 ½" by 7" by 11" and is small enough to fit inside a standard-size bicycle luggage basket. The panel is attached to...

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