Bluetoothß„? Front-end Ic T7024 Design Guide

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The HV9911DB2 is an LED Driver capable of driving up to twenty 100mA LEDs in series from an input of 9 16V DC. The demoboard uses Supertex`s HV9911 IC in a boost topology. The converter has a very good initial regulation, (+/-5%), and excellent line and load regulation over the entire input and output voltage range (<+/- 1%). The full load ef

Bluetoothß„? Front-end Ic T7024 Design Guide
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¬ ciency of the converter is typically greater than 85%. The HV9911DB2 is also protected against open LED and output short circuit conditions. It has an excellent PWM dimming response, with typical rise and fall times less than 2 s, which will allow high PWM dimming ratios. The HV9911DB2 also features an ENABLE input which CAN be used to shut down the IC and allow a very small power draw from the input. The switching frequency of the HV9911DB2 CAN be synchronized to other HV9911 boards or to an external 200kHz Clock by connecting the Clock to the SYNC pin of the HV9911DB2 2. 2 F, 16V X7R ceramic chip capacitor SMD1206 Murata GRM31MR71C225MA35L

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