Board making technique

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

In case of making of a PCB, there is technique which makes a wide grounding pattern except the signal and power pattern. This technique is used for the circuit for the high frequency or when preventing an influence by the noise from outside, and so on. When making a printed board by the handwork, there is an effect which can rarely make the quantity of the copper to dissolve, too.

Board making technique
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When drawing a schematic, it makes the name of the grounding wire(NET) a GND. You can use a name except the GND. In my case, I am using a grounding symbol and because the symbol name is GND, the name of the wiring becomes GND automatically. This name is used for the name of the polygon. So, it`s better to confirm the name of the grounding wire by the Info command after drawing a schematic. This is the interval specification between the signal pattern and the polygon. When this set value is smaller than the value specifying by DRC(Design Rule Check) or Net Class, either of DRC or Net Class a big value is used. The default is 0. The setting unit is an inch. This is the priority specifying of a polygon. It is effective when more than one polygon is piled up. When the figure is small, the priority is high. "1" is a top priority. After pushing the Name button, click the outside of the polygon and type the name of the grounding. A dialog on the right is shown when pushing the OK button. As for the outline mode, only the frame of the polygon is shown at the periphery of the board and the polygon isn`t drawn in the board. This mode is convenient when changing a pattern and so on. Push the Ripup button at the time of the real mode. Next, it switches over to the outline mode when clicking the outside of the board. Because Ripup has the function to return a pattern to the origin, it is necessary to operate 2 steps. Only the data of...

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