Boba Fett project movement

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

the timer will generate the basic period (for example 20ms) and with some associated variables will be possible to `fire` an I/O pin to generate the signal. For example, using a 8 bit variable, we can divide the generated frequency in `chunks` of 256 (8 bit = 256), so basically we can have 256 `steps` each one of 0. 078125 ms (20 ms / 256 = 0.

Boba Fett project movement
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078125). The start and end positions are loaded immediately in the duty cycle variable, so the servomotor can reach the positions at full speed every time the S2 pushbutton is pressed. The frequency of the command pulse determine how fast the servo "execute" the movement and the "strenght" to retain the position. The default frequency used is 50 Hz because has the right speed and feedback speed. The module is designed to receive a frequency, not a simple on/off signal, so we have to assume a precise frequency as indication of triggering the arm, or ON condition, and the absence of this frequency as OFF condition. After that, knowing the front of the wave was detected, every timer interrupt (the wave below represent the timer) we read the input line and we expect a determined amount of readings high and a determined amount of readings low. In absence of signals, the receiver picks up anyway some "noise", and this noise can sometime have the same frequency of the valid signal, but for short time.

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