Bugging Countermeasure

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This allows a TSCM specialist the ability to `blink` a Spectronics bugging device on for a second or two to detect it, and then to shut it back down before the eavesdropper catches on to the fact that his bugging device has just been caught. There is a small number of 12 bit `house` activation codes that can be run though in less than a second, bu

Bugging Countermeasure
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t they are only 6-8 in total. If you can`t hit it with the basic sequence then you will have to run though the full 12 bit sequence which will till take you less than ten minutes. The signal is transmitted at 433. 92 MHz as a AFSK data stream so most of you will have no problem getting the bug to give itself up (cracks about Prom dresses not withstanding). The entire RF TRANSIT section shuts down when these things go into sleep mode, but the RECEIVE section stays awake on monitors the command channel all the time. The bugs are EXTREMELY easy to find them if you can use the bypass codes (less than a second), or the full sequence (less then 10 minutes) due to the small size of the activation key, and known activation frequency. You can also find these little bugs by purchasing 8 ea car alarm remote (12+ bits) and simply pressing the button of each remote in sequence. You will need to reprogram in each of the remote activation codes into the remote, but your only talking about a sequence that is two bytes long (please stop laughing at such a simple method to find them). A company called Oregon Scientific and Davis Instruments makes a line of Wireless Digital Thermometers that operate on the same frequency as, use the same bit stream as, and operate similar to these Spectronics Eavesdropping devices. The only problem with these thermometers is that if you have a Spectronics eavesdropping system nearby you run the risk of...

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