Buick LeSabre

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This line provides ground to that relay and is N-O when CU is OFF, and is N-C for all other control functions. The Off switch on the CU is `sticky` as I mentioned before. Several questions: 1) Can I substitute AC Delco CU p/n 15-71886 or p/n 15-71932 for p/n 15-71887 (GM #16145214), if one or the other is easier to find All three units have the same mounting tabs

Buick LeSabre
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and show the same push-buttons in a different configuration on the front. 2) Is the switch that controls ground to the blower speed relay an internal transistor If so, which one 3) I`m not inclined to want to spend $250-500 for a replacement CU, even if I can find one in the free world. Is there an AC Delco electronics service center that can repair the unit Where would I find it on-line 4) Barring finding a replacement CU at a reasonable price, where would I jumper the control line to the blower speed relay to a different ground to create a permanent ON signal to the blower resistor Can I jumper it to the ground line (known good) on the C2 connector that connects ground to the CU itself I think I did. As I said above, the control line (ground) from the dashboard control unit to the blower speed relay is intermittent (95% sure this is the fail point). This line applies a ground signal to the blower speed relay which controls the blower. It is controlled by a switch of some kind on the control unit circuit board. I don`t know if the switch is a multi-pole switch that is hardwired to the bank of eight buttons on the control unit (with OFF being an open [no ground signal applied ~ relay not energized] and all other buttons being closed [ground signal applied ~ relay energized]), or it may be a transistor that has one leg wired to the seven front panel buttons that control AC/heat. Do you know If this is a manual system my...

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