Bus Description RS423 Serial Interface

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The EIA/TIA-423 Unbalanced (Single-Ended) interface; specifies a single, unidirectional driver with multiple receivers (up to 10). `. Specifies the electrical characteristics of the unbalanced voltage digital interface circuit, normally implemented in integrated circuit technology, that may be employed when specified for the interchange of serial b

Bus Description RS423 Serial Interface
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inary signals between Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) and Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment (DCE) or in any point-to-point interconnection of serial binary signals between digital equipment. " `Telecommunications Industry Association` EIA/TIA-449 ; General Purpose 37-Position Interface fro Data terminal Equipment and Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment Employing Serial binary Data Interchange A serial mechanical interface standard for transmission of balanced and unbalanced signals between a variety of higher-end computer, media, and multimedia peripherals. EIA/TIA-530 ; High Speed 25-Position Interface for Data Terminal Equipment and Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment, Including Alternative 26-Position Connector EIA530 is a replacement for EIA-449 that uses a DB-25 ( EIA-232-D ) connector instead of a 37-pin connector, while keeping the most important electrical signals intact. Normally EIA422 and RS-423 systems may not be connected together. EIA-449 cabling of 422 sends and receives data as differential pairs and control signal as single-ended, but for 423 cabling it sends and receives single-ended data and control signals. Receiving the single ended signal in 423 is accomplished by grounding the `B` side of the differential receiver at the connector. So if the system follows the EIA-449 (cabling) specification than one (B) side of the differential receiver of the 423 side will be grounded at the connector forcing the...

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