CAN bus line communication modular design of one-chip computer and MCP2510

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

CAN Controller Area Network Bus line, namely control device LAN. Because of having high performance, high reliability and unique design, CAN bus line paid attention to more and more by people. Bosch Company of Germany controls and control system design CAN bus line for the car at first, now, its application has already faced fields such as course

CAN bus line communication modular design of one-chip computer and MCP2510
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industry, mechanical industry, textile industry, agricultural machinery, robot, NC machine tool, medical equipment and sensor, etc. to develop. CAN bus line has already formed the international standard, and already been recognized as one of the most promising field buses. CAN bus line norm already been made for international standard ISO11898 by International Standardization Organization, and get the numerous support of half a conductor device manufacturer and put out various and integrate the products with CAN agreement. The intellectual node of CAN bus system is receiving and sending station of the message on the network, generally one-chip computer, CAN control device or two combine composition into a single unit. MCP2510 is a kind of independent programmable CAN control device chip that Microchip Company produces. This text will introduce the new independent CAN communication control device MCP2510, and provide its application embodiment in intellectual node of CAN bus system. MCP2510 is a kind of CAN control device with SPI interface, DIP capsulates and is shown as in Fig. 1. It supports CAN technical regulation V2. 0A/B, can send or receive the canonial and expanded message frame, have a function of receiving filtering and information management at the same time. MCP2510 carries on data transmission, the highest message transmission rate reachable 5 Mbps through SI interface and MCU, MCU can communicate through other...

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