CB transmitter

L1, L2 Wires of coper (smaltwme`na) with diameter 0, 4mm wrapped in plastic support of diameter 6-7mm of perjstrofjkoy` core. For the L1 you wrap 13 coils. For the L2 you wrap 4 coils. (As in the receptor CB. ) ANT1 Aerial for CB (For the trials is enough a piece wire of few metres but better connects a regular aerial so that does not have many stagnantly and burns the transmitter). S2 Switch of choice of channel.
CB transmitter - schematic

It has so much places, those who also the channels that you want pja`nete. (Kaly`tera he is mechanically connected with the S1 of receptor for simultaneous change of channels). 4. We connect the microphone and speaking we observe the clue in the multimeter. If all have become right will be supposed the tendency, speaking, to go up roughly 30-35%.

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