Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Schematic Diagramis a layout of symbols and and connection of every electronic components circuit where serve as a guide on how the circuit function or work. Learn how to read it. At first you might think that it is hard to do so, You are not going to be an experts and master in cellphone repair as long as you don`t know how to read it. Many among

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cellphone repairman exist nowadays that do not have any knowledge about reading it. They always rely on finding free solutions over the internet and forums. Those people who give free solutions are those people who knows how to read a schematic diagram. Now here`s your chance to learn and do not rely unto others, and be an expert and master troubleshooter when it comes to hardware problems. 1. You need to download service Schematic Diagrams, as many or complete package in every cellphone products. each unit of a product have specific service diagrams. Now assuming that you already have those I`ve mention above; Let`s try to open up one file like for example we are going to open a schematic diagram of Nokia N70. B. page 2, In this page is a block diagram of anRF and Baseband:this is a basic explanation of the entire connection of a circuit. It was called a block diagram for it is being drawed into blocks. In telecommunications and signal processing, baseband is an adjective that describes signals and systems whose range of frequencies is measured from zero to a maximum bandwidth or highest signal frequency; it is sometimes used as a noun for a band of frequencies starting at zero. It can often be considered as synonym to lowpass, and antonym to passband, bandpass or radio frequency (RF) signal. Radio frequency (RF) is a frequency or rate of oscillation within the range of about 3 Hz to 300 GHz. This range corresponds to...

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