CS4328 18-Bit Stereo D/A Converter For Digital Audio

The CS4811 is a complete Audio effects processing system on a chip. This device integrates a proprietary 24- bit Audio processing engine, large on-chip RAM Memories and a high performance 24-bit Audio CODEC A serial control port allows the device to boot firmware from a compact and low cost SPI or I 2C serial EEPROM Other features such as single +

5 V operation simplify system design. Firmware for the CS4811 is provided by Cirrus Logic There are two different firmware codes available; one for guitar effects and one for Audio mixers. The guitar effects firmware provides a host of electric guitar effects includ- ing spring reverb, delay, chorus, flange and tremolo. The mixer effects firmware provides a suite of effects such as digital reverb, delay and chorus which are suit- able for use in Audio mixers, karaoke and acoustic instrument Amplifiers The CDB4811GTR and CDB4811MXR evaluation boards allow easy evaluation of the CS4811 device and the associated firmware. By Cirrus Logic, Inc.

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