Camera1 Module

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The Camera1 module provides a RoboBricks2 bus interface for a General-Vision Cognisight MTVS vision system. This module a builtin camera and electronics for recoginizing features in an image. The recognition hardware is based on neural network technology. At first, the module is trained on a bunch of image classes. After training, the module can r

Camera1 Module
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ecognize the various image classes it has been trained on. Up to 256 different image classes can be recoginized. To enter master mode, SW is placed in the MASTER position. In master mode, this module will respond to the various buttons and switches on the board. In addition, the Camera1 module will find an LCD32 module on the RoboBricks2 bus to show status information. In view mode, the Camera1 module will send the currently recognized image off to the LCD32. In Learn mode, the remaining switches and buttons are used to train the camera to recognize images.

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