Can a Hartley Oscillator be built using Fixed Inductors  

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Feb 6, 2014
An Hartley Oscillator circuit can be made from a pair of series connected coils. I had a couple of 22mH fixed inductors, which I hooked up on a breadboard with the other needed pieces. When I test the transistor amplifier independently, it seems to be working. However, there is no sign of oscillation in this circuit. So my ignorant question is, can I use the fixed inductors indicated I saw
Can a Hartley Oscillator be built using Fixed Inductors - schematic

mention of the notion of `mutual inductance`, and I`m not sure you can get such with these discrete components. However, I clearly still have a long way to go, as when we attempted to change the frequency of the circuit we were mimicking, we got zero oscillation. And the original Hartley circuit remains stubborn.

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