Car Battery Saver Circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

When the door is opened, SW1 closes, the circuit is powered and the lamp is on. C1 starts charging slowly through R1 and when a voltage of 2/3 the supply is reached at pins #2 and #6 of IC1, the internal comparator changes the state of the flip-flop, the voltage at pin #3 falls to zero and the lamp will switch-off. The lamp will remain in the off

Car Battery Saver Circuit
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state as the door is closed and will illuminate only when the door will be opened again. The final result is a three-terminal device in which two terminals are used to connect the circuit in series to the lamp and the existing door-switch. The third terminal is connected to the 12V positive supply. The circuit can be bypassed by the usually existing switch that allows the interior lamp to illuminate continuously, even when the door is closed: this connection is shown in dotted lines.

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