Cell phone charger circuit diagram FSEZ1307

This cell phone charger circuit diagram electronic project is based on the FSEZ1307 third-generation primary side regulation (PSR) PWM controller integrated circuit. The FEZ1307 cell phone charger can be used for battery chargers applications for devices like : cellular phones, cordless phones, PDA, digital cameras or for replacement of linear tr

ansformers and RCC SMPS. The FEZ1307 is designed to work using few external components offering many other features like : low standby power: under 30mW, high-voltage startup, constant-voltage (CV) and constant-current (CC) control without secondary-feedback circuitry, fixed PWM frequency at 50kHz with frequency hopping to solve EMI problem, cable compensation in CV mode, peak-current-mode control in CV mode, cycle-by-cycle current limiting, VDD over-voltage protection with auto restart, VDD under-voltage vockout (UVLO), gate output maximum voltage clamped at 15V, fixed over-temperature protection with auto restart.

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