Charge the battery capacity tester and realize the scheme

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The battery capacity is the important index of weighing battery quality. There are many methods in the volume test of the rechargeable battery. Can be according to the discharge curve of the battery, carry on short time and discharge, thus so rough as to the battery capacity happen. The advantage of this kind of method maximum is fast, but the dis

Charge the battery capacity tester and realize the scheme
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charge curve of the rechargeable battery does not have universality, the initial voltage is very steady too that a lot of inferior batteries discharge, once enter middle and later periods, the voltage drops very fast, so it will not very accurate to adopt the conclusion that this kind of method draws. The most reliable and most accurate one is to discharge with the standard electric current, measure the way of actual discharge time in the whole journey. Different discharge current, the electric quantity that the rechargeable battery can be released finally is different, there is certain disparity. The capacity of the storage battery is marked unifiedly and canonial. That use most is two kinds the discharge capacity of 10 hourly rate and discharge capacity of 20 hourly rate at present. Hourly rate discharge capacity 10 is that the battery discharge with the constant current, can keep to exhaust discharge time for about 10 hours to the electric quantity, this electric current is called 10 hourly rate electric current weigh the standard that the electric quantity uses up, it can`t be subject to that the voltage at discharge end of the battery is reduced to zero. The battery excessively discharges, will lead to the fact the battery capacity is reduced, unable to resume, and even the damage, total failure ahead of time. So each kind of battery discharges the final voltage has a rigorous regulation, this can consult the related...

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