Chinook II System

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This section describes the various systems aboard Chinook II. Our approach is to use reliable and appropriate systems consistent with the size and for our intended use of the boat. Being a tinkerer and engineer (for better or worse) I often build parts or try to do things that may be different than normal, either in an effort to make improvements

Chinook II System
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or at times "off the shelf" components may seem just too costly. Anyone that has spent a few windy nights at anchor can appreciate how important the anchoring system is to a cruising boat. After all, it`s what`s keeping the boat in one place off the shore. And one needs confidence in it to be able to rest easy. As with most things there is no absolute fool proof solution. However with proper equipment and practices it is possible to be reasonably confident. Generally we use a 22 lb. Delta plow for the primary anchor that is always ready to go off the bow platform. We prefer the plow style for the primary because it works well in a lot of bottom conditions and seems to be the best at handling a direction shift. Tests done by Practical Sailor and West Marine seem to confirm this. Other choices high on our consideration list were the CRQ and Spade. We decided against the CRQ based on the Practical Sailor tests that indicate that it has more difficulty getting a good set and is more likely not to reset in a direction shift. Also, it seems there is common opinion that only the heavy (35 lb and up) CRQs work well. The same tests rate the Spade anchor highly, about the same as the Delta. At that point the less expensive Delta won out over the Spade. Our second anchor is a Fortress FX16. This style complements the plow since it`s strength is in soft bottoms (a bottom type the plows don`t do as well in). Unfortunately, they do not...

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