Cipher scheme of the module of infrared remote-control between two parties of intellectual family

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This system is a control system based on one-chip computer, control the system light in remote-operated way. This scheme mainly solves transmission and receiving of the signal, the program manipulation to different signals after the the signal one is dealt with and received, adjust through software programming realization switch and luminance to the bulb. The intellectual home furnishing refers

Cipher scheme of the module of infrared remote-control between two parties of intellectual family
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to utilizing advanced computer technology, network communication skill, comprehensive wiring technology, it is here to combine every seed system related to family life organically, through managing as a whole, let the family life be more comfortable, more safe, more effective. With the development of people`s life lateral improvement and electron technology, the home furnishing is intelligent to begin to come into our daily life. People are not satisfied with the key-type hand-operated switch to control the lamps and lanterns, thus develop the telecontrol system of more high professional illumination control of the intelligent level, its low cost, high in quality, it is flexible and convenient to employ. And because of the characteristic with small, low power dissipation, function are strong, low cost, infrared remote-control command is to employ most extensive kind of communication and remote control means at present. Infrared remote-control command is to utilize infrared rays also call the infrared light To transmit the control signal, realize the remote control of the control objective. Particularly, are emitted the command signal of infrared rays by the projector, is received by the receiver and deals with and discerns the signal, and then realize the remote control of different functions of the control objective according to different signals received finally through the corresponding control chip. The infrared rays...

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