Clarinet Vacuum Tube Linestage

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The Clarinet preamplifier is agile, detailed, and warm without being euphonic. It has excellent soundstaging, tonal balance, presence, and palpability. It is far better than any of the other kit preamplifiers I have heard to date, and is worth your serious consideration. Tube rollers will enjoy this preamp, as the differences between good Telefunk

Clarinet Vacuum Tube Linestage
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en, Amperex, Mazda, and other 12AU7/ECC82s are quite apparent. Really good ones will make this preamp sing. " - Kevin Kennedy The Clarinet not only sounds superb, it has impeccable measurements too. Below is the 10kHz square wave performance. Very fast and clean, no ringing or instability. The distortion is clearly 2nd order in nature with very little odd harmonic content. The Clarinet brings phenomenal texture and emotion to the music, and generates shocking depth in my system. Well worth a look, if you are hunting an affordable tube based line stage that will bring out the best in the rest of your gear. Thought you might like to know that everything went fine with the Clarinet. The enclosure is really nice and better than you described. I am auditioning it now and my first impression is - smooth. I bought the Clarinet with confidence because I really liked your design/quality of the Bugle. First off, of all the preamps I`ve tried in my system the Clarinet is hands down the best. Listening to it last night was one of those "jaws agape" experiences for me. incredible clarity, detail retrieval like nothing I`ve experienced in my system, midrange texture and tonality that makes you stop and replay passages just to confirm your initial impressions. The Clarinet is an all-around performer. I love it. I did not expect the Clarinet to sound as airy and open as my purely passive preamp. In fact It probably is not quite as open and...

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