Colorful Countdown Clock for tight timeline management using Arduino

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Well, I have few good uses for it, one of them is ensure in meetings people are respectful of time and are not taking all the time for their own topics. Good for ship-room or SCRUM meetings. Following is a list of parts and for the special  ones a link for where you can buy them. Consider searching eBay or other stores for getting best prices. Y

Colorful Countdown Clock for tight timeline management using Arduino
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ou might also need some male-to-female jumper wires like these: to connect between the display and the Arduino. Also, depending on the exact format of the RTC module, you might need different jumper wires too. If you go with the one mentioned above, it has male header so you can use these male-to-female wires. For connecting the display you need 6 wires and for the RTC 4 wires. Depending on how and what type of buttons you choose, you will need wires and optionally a bread-board to place them on. a) The LED Matrix is pretty nice one and comes from Sure Electronics. Apparently there is a confusing list of variants for this type of display. The link to the Arduino store is where I got mine. b) You can easily change the RTC to be any other, including DS1307 based which is cheaper (less than $4. 00 on eBay). Minor code modifications might be required depending on which RTC module you choose. c) I used Arduino Nano that also has the USB connection, easier to program it and all. To save on cost you can choose any variant actually that is 5V one (the matrix display is designed for 5V logic) Once you enter to this mode, the time to countdown is displayed on the 2nd line with a Yellow down arrow. Pushing Setup  lets you edit the time to countdown. Plus  or Minus  buttons will be used to set minutes and seconds. Pushing Start/Stop  again in this mode will start the countdown, time left will be displayed on the 2nd line with a Red...

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