Command receivers

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The Command radio is a description of the radio function, rather than a specific model. The `Command` function was to communicate between aircraft. The `Liaison` function was to communicate back to base. However, functions often become blurred in use, and even though there were several different models and generations of `Command` radios, one pa

Command receivers
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rticular model has become popularly known as "Command sets". The Command set is a general title for several groups of receivers and transmitters used in World War 2, which are more specifically called the (United States Army Air Force) SCR-274N, (United States Navy) ATA/ARA, and the (United States Navy) AN/ARC-5. They were used for Air to Air, Air to Ground communications and for receiving Navigation signals. They are a unique design of that era, in that most radios would use a band switch to change to a different frequency band, whereas this design selects a completely different receiver or transmitter. Here is more complete list posted by W6RIC. After the war, they were still used. I have one that was used in Australian Civil Aircraft which was reconditioned in 1956. The Army SCR-274N series radios were available in black wrinkle paint, or natural aluminium finish. The Navy ARC-5 were in black wrinkle paint. Externally they looked identical in appearance, and only differed in colour and frequency coverage. Internally they were very similar, with only minor differences, apart from the obvious ones relating to the frequency. The SCR-274N series had BC-454 type names and the ARC-5 had R-25 and T-20 type names for the receivers and the transmitters. The adapter drawer on the front had a different knob and label for Army and Navy. Some of the low frequency receivers had a different antenna connection so that a loop aerial...

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