Complementary Power Amplifiers

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The first schematic is for those who never buy parts anywhere but Radio Shack. You can walk in the store and walk out with all the electronics that you need. For the heat sink, sorry to say, you`re on your own. Find a hardware store and buy a big chunk of aluminum. Saw the aluminum chunk into two pieces. Paint the aluminum pieces flat black. The p

Complementary Power Amplifiers
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aint actually increases the magical powers of the heat sink. No kidding. Slather the transistors with silicon heat sink grease. Bolt each power MOSFET to its own piece of aluminum. Go in peace. Play loud. Sing until you steam up your bedroom or either a girl or the police show up. (If you`re a girl rocker, howdy! Beg pardon. If you`re a girl cop who plays rock music, cool. ) As I Promised, the first amp is as close to a Radio Shack-only circuit as I could come. This is a quasi-complementary circuit, because Radio Shack only sells an N-channel power MOSFET. We`ll use two of Radio Shack`s IRF510-type MOSFETs. Fortunately, the IRF510 is an excellent device. It`s exactly what we need: Rugged, sensitive and noncritical: A complete package. Phase Splitter. The two JFETs make up a differential phase splitter. I tried a one-device splitter, but it couldn`t put out enough voltage to get a big swing from the output MOSFETs. The two-device phase splitter also provides needed voltage gain. The JFETs are common types, such as MPF102 or 2N3819. (Only equivalent devices will work. Remember, these aren`t bipolar transistors. Unlike transistor specs, the IDSS and forward drop of FETs vary. ) In this quasi-complementary circuit, a differential phase splitter sends the original signal and its mirror to output MOSFETs Q3 and Q4. Since the MOSFETs are in series, output peaks are higher than with a single-ended circuit. Source Resistor. In the...

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