Continuity or just plain connect

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The point being if it connects it`s good if it don`t it don`t, there`s no inbetween. If you got a solder joint it`s going to connect or it`s not going to connect, that`s it. 0. 25 to 4ohms come on really. Do they even make resistors that small to set it with For a intermitent break well you know what those are like. I had one in/before my starter once, total

Continuity or just plain connect
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pain. So there`s a farmer story for ya, and where`s the buzz Just got a multimeter, the battery that was in it was 6. 1v don`t know if that`s not enough. I put in 9. 76v and still no buzz. thx So we find out were going to "short" for a "short" That`s right, a very low resistance is equivalent to a "short" or just a wire connecting the leads. ya because were looking for a "short", makes perfect sense, don`t you think I thought electronics was crazy when i seen the same symbol for 3 totally different parts. Now i know why all the nerds in high school looked so confused. So the beeper/buzzer still doesn`t work, well everything else does so it`s not a total loss. So the continuity vs the connection is going by by, the "short" is where it`s at. The two circuits you displayed are not functionally equivalent. One (the COMPLEX one) has an Op Amp (741) in it, and the other does not. With the op-amp, in order for the LED to light it accepts power from the circuit under test, in order to slew the op-amp so the LED turns on. Hey Boba, I smell something fishy, that would make perfect sence if there wasn`t any power on the complex one. How do you hook the two powers together How`s it going to read "just" the power from the circuit I really don`t know much about op-amps, but I do know that they have additional power supply leads. They are amplifiers, meaning you use them to generate a strong signal from a weak one while retaining its...

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