Converter Circuit 6

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The circuit diagram shows two LT1398`s from Linear Technology used to create buffered color-difference signals from RGB (red-green-blue) inputs. In this application, the R input arrives via 75 coax. It is routed to the non-inverting input of amplifier IC1a and to 1. 07-k resistor, R8. There is also an 80. 6- termination resistor R11, which yields

Converter Circuit 6
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a 75- input impedance at the R input when considered in parallel with R8. R8 connects to the inverting input of a second LT1398 amplifier (IC1b), which also sums the weighted G and B inputs to create a 0. 5Y output. Yet another LT1398 amplifier, IC2a, then takes the 0. 5Y output and amplifies it by a gain of 2, resulting in the +Y output. Amplifier IC1a is configured for a non-inverting gain of 2 with the bottom of the gain resistor R2 tied to the Y output. The output IC1a thus results in the color-difference output R Y. The B input is similar to the R input. Here, R13 when considered in parallel with R10 yields a 75- input impedance. R10 also connects to the inverting input of ampli er IC1b, adding the B contribution to the Y signal as discussed above The work is easy when a positive input into, The D1, D2 will does not work. The output is equal to R2 / (R2 + R3). When V1 is the input signal and R2 = R3 = R, we will have the output signal V0 = 1 / 2 V1. Later, when the negative output signal into. The D2 to conduct, but D1 does not work. When this circuit is the inverting circuit, output has values V0 = R2/R1 V1, where R1 = 2R, and R2 = R, so V0 = 0. 5 V1. This circuit changes the voltage to current, can provide dc current characteristics and AC so-so Circuit consists of 3 op-amps, 2 transistors is moderate. Passive devices and only a little. This circuit with grounded. load, it controls the rate Vout / Vin easily, it...

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