Converter for producing a fixed AC from variable AC

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

For household or industrial application purpose, we are bound to use fixed ac voltage input. If we try to use this variable ac voltage as input to our regular usage machinery, such as lamps, fans, TV etc. then it would cause severe damage to our instruments. However, those facts of these machines necessitate efficient conversion system to operate their loads.

Converter for producing a fixed AC from variable AC
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So it is important firstly to convert this variable ac to a fixed dc. The power converter, positioned between the generator and the grid, transforms the variable-frequency ac to fixed dc and then to fixed ac. The total power output of the generator is combined by the converter (total conversion). Our thesis concerns a small range of this conversion system using available devices. In this thesis we have presented a low cost variable ac to fixed ac system with construction and details description of various parts. Objectives The objectives of this effort are-To convert variable ac input to fixed dc output through electronic converter circuit. To simulate that circuit with p-spice`. To analyze the performance parameters of the designed circuitry. Set and Specify the aims of the objective. Have a clear idea about the possible outcome. Divide the whole design into small groups -Generation of the variable alternating current. -Transformation of the variable frequency alternating current to a fixed valued direct current. Simulate that Generation circuit using electrical simulation software p-spice`. Observe the output of that Generation circuit using electrical simulation software p-spice`. To design and simulate the Converter. To observe the output of that circuit. Source Section Filtering Section Transformer Section Rectifier Section Capacitor input filter Section Inverter Section Schematic diagram of multiplier circuit...

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