Coolingmist Installation

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Coolingmist Stage 3 HOM Trunkmount kit. I figure it`s about time to get this thing installed so I can enjoy HOM 24/7. My plan is to have one switch for arming the system, and a second push-button for the purge. However, since I have Stage 3 With Toys, I want to scrap the whole intercooler sprayer assembly (it will now be useless), and modify the I/C sprayer button on the toys bezel to

Coolingmist Installation
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function as the arming switch for the meth injection. Here is the schematic: - Relay #1 arms the whole system. It completes the positive circuit between the Varicool controller and a 12V power source. This relay is controlled by the I/C sprayer switch, which is modified to function as a "push-on /push-off" switch. - Relay #2 grounds the pump, and should cause it to turn on independent of the controller. It is controlled by the momentary push-button. This will only work when the system is armed. [Can someone verify this is correct ] I believe this will work, but any input or suggestions are appreciated. I`ll continue this thread as the installation progresses to bring up any tips / issues. One thing I noticed is that the trunkmount kit was shipped with 2 - 15` sections of polyethylene hose. However, 15` is not enough length to reach from the trunk to the engine bay, especially if you tuck/snake the hose for a clean install. I went to Home Depot and picked up a 25` section of 1/4" O. D. hose with the same specs as the original for less than $5. 25` is the perfect length to comfortably route the hose from the trunk to the charge pipe. Mounting the tank was a hassle; there isn`t really any good place to mount the brackets for the tie-downs (due to the large size of the spare tire well cover). So I came up with a different solution which I think looks pretty clean. I secured the tank using the 4 nuts that are cast into the side...

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