Core Remote Control Unit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

If the unit has been sitting idle for a long period time (dead AAA batteries) and you see only garbage on the display or the unit doesn`t operate, the first item required is probably a new internal lithium battery. Although the unit was exceptional for its day, a major flaw with the unit was allowing the firmware to be lost if this battery ever lost power (no flash memory back then!)

Core Remote Control Unit
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. I don`t think the designers ever thought the unit would be idle for long periods of time with the user-replaceable batteries going low. This battery is available at Digi-Key and must be soldered to the PCB. You must take the unit apart and unsolder the old battery, then solder in the new one. Once you have replaced the lithium battery, you are ready to reprogram the micro controller. It should be noted that the front panel cover should be removed very carefully until you know just how easy it is when its done right (very slightly pull up on it as you slide it over the `bump`). Also, verify the hidden switches (documented in the manual), are set correctly. Get the serial interface manual and read it carefully. Build the serial interface circuit then download the programs required to reload the OS. Once you have the serial unit, the whole process takes less than 15 minutes. Also included, is a program that allows you to save and restore the IR key code information. Highly recommended on this unit since it can be fairly easy to lose the memory. This makes it a snap to restore it.

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