Cosimulation with Analog-RF Systems

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Simulation of behavioral DSP designs along with analog/RF circuit designs is critical to the success of the integrated components, devices, and subsystems used in today`s wireless applications. The need to verify the impact of real-world analog/RF issues on the DSP algorithms and vice versa in a tightly integrated environment is highly desirable.

Cosimulation with Analog-RF Systems
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For designs of low complexity, it is possible to use separate simulators for the signal processing and analog/RF portions and then integrate the results. However, today`s state-of-the-art designs using a mix of analog/RF and dedicated on-chip DSP blocks require high levels of integration at the two-environment boundary. Advanced Design System cosimulation between signal processing and circuits addresses this need. ADS Ptolemy provides the signal processing simulation, while the analog/RF simulation is provided by either the Circuit Envelope or High-Frequency SPICE (Transient) simulators. Other types of cosimulation include placing MATLAB components or HDL blocks in a signal processing simulation. This topic describes cosimulation with analog/RF systems. For information on A/RF cosimulation with Cadence refer to the Cadence Library Integration documentation. For specific details, see Running a DSP and Analog - RF Cosimulation with RFIC Dynamic Link. The following figure shows a mixture of RF circuitry and DSP components. ADS provides a variety of analog/RF circuit simulators, including Linear, Harmonic Balance, Circuit Envelope, High-Frequency SPICE, and Convolution. For signal processing simulation, ADS Ptolemy is used. Only circuits simulated with either Circuit Envelope or High-Frequency SPICE can be instantiated as a subnetwork and included in a signal processing schematic. These circuit blocks can then be simulated...

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