Counters and Timer Circuits

AN79 Linear Technology AN79 modifies methods presented in AN74, permitting verification of 30 nanosecond amplifier settling times to 0. 1% resolution. sampling-based technique used is detailed and results presented. Appendices cover oscilloscope overdrive issues, construction of a subnanosecond rise time pulse generator, amplifier compensation,

circuit construction and calibration procedures. 555 Makes Handy Voltage to time Converter : 02/01/01 EDN-Design Ideas. The circuit in Figure 1 is a simple, low-cost voltage-to-time converter using ubiquitous 555 timer chip. You can use IC`s monostable multivibrator as a voltage-to-time converter by connecting analog-voltage input to charging resistor, R, instead of connecting R to VCC. With this modification, . 555 Timer as an A/D Converter : Measure voltages accurately with a microcontroller using this simple circuit. Includes sample program for Parallax Basic Stamp 555 timer Mono stable (one shot) circuit : The two circuits below illustrate using the 555 timer to close a relay for a predetermined amount of time by pressing a momentary N/O push button. The circuit on the left can be used for long time. 6 Digit 40MHz Frequency Counter Module : Here is design for a very low cost 6-digit frequency counter module using of shelf components (and not that expensive 74C926!). The standard circuit will display directly in Hz (1MHz max), and re is a separate on board divider that will allow you to display directly in KHz (approx 40MHz max). Because display reads directly in. (add 11/05) 74ACT74 makes Low-skew clock divider : 12/17/98 EDN-Design Ideas - Serial-data systems often generate an internal clock at twice data rate for mid-bit sampling or for generating bi-phase codes. External equipment and some internal processes require...

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