Crystal Oscillator Circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Crystal oscillator circuitis a simple oscillator circuit when we look at the schematic diagram. A crystal oscillator circuit is nothing but a replacement of an ordinary oscillator network, which is a combination of LC. This simplicity is also reflected in the number of physical components that are very compact, which occupy your printed circuit bo

Crystal Oscillator Circuit
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ard. You live alone design the layout of components in such a way as to give the best results. Based on experience in designing a crystal oscillator, I can say very easily. If it is limited to a curiosity about how acrystal oscillator circuitis working, then the frequency counter is readable display a very stable frequency. Without having to make a PCB, simply by connecting the pin connections between the components involved. However, for optimal results should be required data regarding the technical specifications of the crystal oscillator, and the components involved. You can just download the datasheet the crystal oscillator, and if necessary for the transistor or integrated circuit (IC) as well. In addition, the layout of the components that also affect the quality of the output frequency. Here below are some of the crystal oscillator circuits for practical use. The following oscillator circuit using a crystal to produce 32. 768 KHz square wave output, and then fed to a 15 stage binary counter with 1 second square wave output. In the oscillator circuit diagram of the IC using a CMOS inverter 4069, to produce a better waveform, but a single transistor can be used. As a note, if you do not want to buy a 32. 768 KHz crystal, can usually be found on a watch or computer mainboard that is damaged or not used anymore. EM7604, Low Power Crystal Oscillator 32. 768 KHz module can also be an option. EM7604 is an advanced low...

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