DDS-based automatic tracking frequency ultrasonic generator

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Ultrasonic Cleaning the main role in the use of ultrasonic cavitation. Role in the sound field, there is liquid in the bubble will have high-frequency micro-vibration, when the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the rapid growth of air bubbles and then suddenly closed, liquid collision between a strong shock wave, although the displacement, velocity are very

DDS-based automatic tracking frequency ultrasonic generator
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small, But the acceleration is very large, up to thousands of local atmospheric pressure, so that cleaning of the dirt surface membrane damage, spalling, separation and emulsification, so as to achieve a rapid and efficient cleaning results. At present, ultrasonic cleaning has been internationally recognized as the current most efficient, most effective way of cleaning, the cleaning efficiency above 98%, cleaning cleanliness also reached the highest level. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment by the ultrasonic generator and ultrasonic transducer component. Which ultrasonic cleaning equipment ultrasonic generator is an important part of the process responsible for the work to the ultrasonic transducer to provide energy. Transducer in order to achieve high efficiency, in addition to providing adequate power, but also the frequency generator with the transducer resonant frequency of the same. But the transducer resonant frequency in the course of their work are usually due to heat, aging and other factors change, and the ultrasonic generator on the market are usually by manually adjusting the output signal to track the frequency of ultrasonic transducer resonant frequency, in order to resolve this problem, this paper has been developed based on DDS (direct digital frequency synthesizer) automatic tracking of the ultrasound frequency generator, so that the output signal frequency generator to automatically track the transducer...

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Dear Sir   Mar 10, 2020

I need document DDS-based automatic tracking frequency ultrasonic generator. Can you help me solution .

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