DESKTOP 386SX PC AS DAQ (Data AQuisitor)

Chipmunk BASIC has lots off useful functions. So I wrote a small BASIC file to read the serial port and then plot the value on screen (Avaliable upon request FREE). The desktop 386SX PC has a 1. 44 FD and a 40M HD, a VGA with 256k of VRAM. BIOS was configure as no KERBOARD, so no keyboard is used. No monitor is needed either, but graphics card mus
DESKTOP 386SX PC AS DAQ (Data AQuisitor) - schematic

t be plugged, or POST (power-on self test) will beep and halt. MS-DOS 5. 0 is installed, a simple AUTOEXEC. BAT and a program that reads address 220h to access the ADC0804 and then send the value thru COM1: 9600, 1 stop bit, No parity, 8 data bits. Using Turbo C BIOS services on INT14h to communitcate.

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