DIY Arduino Nebulophone Synth

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

I originally wanted to purchase a Nebulophone but, my El-Cheapo price range didn`t like the tag. I realized that I could program my own AtMega 328 by using ArduinoISP Then I found out that if the code was Arduino compatible, why not just use the Arduino as a Nebulophone Well it was kind of a waste of Arduino but at least I could simplify circuitr

DIY Arduino Nebulophone Synth
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y. I recently built my DoAnything Shield and could now have access to any pin I wanted. I looked at the schematic and realized that Dr. Bleep had left plenty of things missing such as where did the stylus go and, where were the keypads and so I emailed him and after a long string of emails everything was cleared up. 1 SPST/SPDT slide switch (Any type of switch that can move from one position to another until pused again work (Toggle, Rocker, etc. ) It doesn`t matter whether it is SPST or SPDT the second connection is nothing. ) 1 LED and Photocell assembly (I got mine from here but I didn`t realize that the same website had this which is much cheaper although untested. You could also make your own by bending an LED over to a photocell that can range from 10k to 200k. and then covering it with some black tubing. I`m not sure the one I had is exactly 10k to 200k but it worked. )

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