DIY FrSky GPS Telemetry Sensor with Logging

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Following last year`s rediscovery of radio controlled flight, I`ve recently become enamored with the hacking/mod potential of the downright bargain priced 9-channel FlySky FS-TH9X transmitter (also sold as Turnigy/Eurgle etc). The original 2. 4GHz RF module and firmware are quite useable, already making this a fairly capable piece of kit considerin

DIY FrSky GPS Telemetry Sensor with Logging
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g the price. However, it becomes a truly remarkable tool when equipped with an open source replacement firmware and the FrSky telemetry capable RF module replacement. For a very moderate investment and with the willingness to do a few intermediate level hardware modifications, you end up with a package providing features that even many top-of-the line, brand name transmitters are lacking. While going through the huge thread over at RCGroups and some related content, I stumbled upon a post by (Jo)Hannes a. k. a. der-frickler detailing a custom GPS module he built for the FrSky Telemetry Sensor Hub - in order to receive real-time GPS data in his transmitter display and overcoming a temporary backorder situation with the original/OEM FrSky GPS sensor. I figured it would be nice to build upon that quite inspired hack and not only to be able to view the corresponding GPS data (such as height and speed) in the transmitter display - averting your eyes from your model while you are flying can be rather tricky if not downright disastrous during high speed low altitude sweeps - but also to have a log of all collected GPS data for later analysis and visualization. A bit of research led me to the solution of using the same inexpensive Mediatek MT3326 GPS receiver used by Hannes, paired with a SparkFun OpenLog data logger capable of capturing the 9600 baud NMEA output sequence of the GPS chip and writing it onto a micro-SD card....

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