DIY/Homemade Geiger Muller Clicker V1

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Because the recent events in Fukushima, Japan, brought a lot of concern on radiation levels, by popular demand, here is a simple Geiger Muller counter using the Russian tube SI-22G and a single transistor regulated inverter that puts out 400V, as required. The complete setup has been assembled in only 5 minutes, so this is a very simple detector,

DIY/Homemade Geiger Muller Clicker V1
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but can prove useful because of the excellent sensitivity: The radiation is indicated by a led and a small speaker. Each pulse (flashing led and the clicking sound) represents a radiation quantum passing through the tube. To exemplify I`ve used a small source of radiation, the Eii-43-100 Spark gap radioactive tube, containing less than 0. 9uC of Cs137, emitting aprox. 1uSv/h of gamma radiation. The detector reacts promptly to the presence of the Spark Gap tube, the frequency of clicks increases, much over the background level. This design can be used with a large variety of Geiger tubes, but the output voltage and the limiting resistor might need to be adjusted accordingly. For the SI-22G, the parameters are: To get an idea on a correlation between the clicks and the real radiation dose, I`ve placed the excellent Radex RD1706 dosimeter close to the homemade geiger setup and the radioactive spark gap: [. ] By Radu Motisan Posted on January 8th, 2012 This geiger counter circuit features a regulated high voltage supply, with adjustable output. It can run on a single AA battery (1. 5V). The video shows several geiger tubes tested with this device: BG-08, G21H, SI22G, SBM19, SI14G Circuit diagram v3. 1: SCH File (ExpressSCH): geiger_clicker_2 You can view the previous article on DIY geiger counters here. [. ] I build the transformer for this circuit (P=20, F=10, S=150) but my oscilloscope shows only 45 volts peaks 188 Khz when...

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