DIY USB password generator

Having done half a dozen V-USB tutorials I decided it`s time to whip up something cool. As USB keyboards were an area untouched, I decided to make a small USB HID keyboard device that types a password stored in EEPROM every time it`s attached. A new password can be generated just by tabbing CAPS LOCK a few times (4 times to start password regenera
DIY USB password generator - schematic

tion and one tab for each password character generated, 10 is the default password length). Below you can see the device in action: The place I work at requires me to change my password every few months so this would be one way to skip remembering a new password altogether (as long as I remember to write it down before regenerating a new one so password can be changed :). The device is powered with a simplified version of the hardware I used in my ATtiny85 USB tutorial I stripped away the LCD, reset pullup and both capacitors. If you`re better in cramming components inside enclosures I suggest adding at least a 0. 1 uF capacitor between VCC and GND, but it seems to work fine even without it: The enclosure was graciously donated by an old 512 MB flash drive. I couldn`t make myself to break the USB connector from the circuit board inside, so I stripped appart a short USB cable instead (shown on left): I soldered the connector first, then the zener diodes, then resistors and jumpers, and finally VCC, GND and the ATtiny itself. I used the following tricks to make all ends meet: I was pretty satisfied the result and the fact that it actually worked! The board did not initially fit into the very snug space in the plastic enclosure, so I had to use a Dremel to trim its insides a bit, but after that, everything snapped right back (click for larger versions): Update: For those who are building this project I recommend you first...

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