DIY siren project

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Since this is a DC circuit, how and where do the + vs. the - wires physically get connected to the circuit Where exactly do I connect all the grounds to I understand all the places where the schematic calls for a connection to the power source. I`m just having a hard time visualizing it. All 6 of the points labeled +9V tie together and go to The positive terminal of your 9V battery or power supply. 2 other points are labeled

DIY siren project
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Vcc, They should also connect to those 6 points labeled +9V. Vcc is just another way of saying power source +. 555 circuits are easy mostly. The first is a simple oscillator, the second 555 is a voltage controlled oscillator. You want something simple, try one of these. Can someone please help again. I am working on the +output where it calls for a 10uF capacitor shown on the schematic from my first post. I have a 10uF capacitor, but it is ceramic and it does not show any polarisation on the actual capacitor. Do I need a different capacitor Or will this one work The schematic obviously calls for a polarised 10uF cap. The 50k pot ahead of that cap is the volume control. It goes from zero to almost max available output. It`s almost max because the 10k resistor ahead of the pot forms a voltage divider with the pot so you don`t quite get full output. If you still want to limit the maximum volume, increase the value of that 10k resistor. You`ll have to experiment to find the volume you like.

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