DQPSK Pi4DemodSync

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The input and output data streams of the I and Q data channels are shown in Pi/4DQPSK System: fc=990 MHz, Data rate = 48. 6 kbits/sec. Note the delay between the input and output data signals. This delay is due to the filters in the modulator and demodulator, each of which introduces a delay of 4SymbolTime seconds, and the differential decoder, wh

DQPSK Pi4DemodSync
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ich introduces a delay of 1SymbolTime second. Therefore, the delay from input to output is 9SymbolTime seconds, which for a data rate of 48. 6 kbits/sec equals 370. 37 seconds. The eye patterns of the output data signals are shown in Eye Pattern of I and Q Data Signals (carrier recovered using the DQPSK_Pi4Recovery component): fc=990 MHz, Data rate = 48. 6 kbits/sec. For certain applications, the I and Q channel data streams may have to be combined into a single data stream. The user must design a clock recovery circuit to generate a clock, or else use the clock component with the appropriate phase to sample the I and Q data streams and combine them using the BinaryCombinerClocked component. As an example, a simple setup to measure the BER of the system is shown in Pi/4DQPSK System: fc=990 MHz, Data rate = 48. 6 kbits/sec. Additive white Gaussian noise is introduced in the channel. A bandpass filter is placed at the input to the demodulator that lets the signal through without distortion, but removes the out-of-band noise. In Pi/4DQPSK System: fc=990 MHz, Data rate = 48. 6 kbits/sec a Clock component is used to generate the sampling clock signal. The phase of the clock is adjusted by the Delay parameter of the Clock component. This phase is adjusted by measuring the delay from the Data component to the output of the DQPSK_Pi4DemodSync component; refer to Delay Through Pi/4DQPSK System. The clock is delayed by the total...

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