DS1621 IIC interface under Linux drives designing

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

IC bus line explains conduct and transmits the bus line as one kind, it uses and is wired little, simple in construction, it is the extensive high-performance bus line way of a application. The operating system that and Linux cuts out publicly and easily as a source code, is very suitable for the application of the embedded system. The embedded apparatus under Linux operating

DS1621 IIC interface under Linux drives designing
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system is driven, through IIC bus line, realize the collaborative work among ARM and peripheral module, there is extensive application. IIC I2C made up of two sticks of signal line: A two-way transmissive data link SDA; Another one is a clock line SCL. IIC bus line can realize half duplex synchronous data transmission through the simple structure. Adopt one main fact more than IIC bus line from operating mechanism, at one time can only have one of apparatuses as master, by main device control, main the intersection of device control and machine format the intersection of conveyance and initiating signal, send out clock signal, the intersection of slave and address signal, intelligence signal total collinear operation, the receive data side sends out the answer back signal while conveying finishing, the apparatus on each IIC bus has an only address, and the master carries on communication. IIC bus line sequence is shown as in Fig. 1, while IIC bus line uses, the start of transmission and condition stopped are as follows: As SCL sustains  1 ³ And SDA is from  1  Turn into  0  Show hour that will begin the transmission data; And sustain SCL  1 ³ And SDA is from  0  Turn into  1  Show that stops the transmission data. Among them the data on the SDA line are in the clock line SCL  1 ³ It must be stable during this time, only when the clock signal on the SCL line is for being low the state on the line of the data could...

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