Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Will be examined the digitization of temperature to reveal not enough yet its course of change of complete response and change the law in some detection fields, and it is one of the effective methods to draw out the curve of trend. A solution to sample the on-the-spot temperature as the next machine one-chip computer among them, pass PC to, draw curve on the it. Because some formation figure liquid crystal

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display cost lowers, reveals the capacity is greater and greater, engineering is consumed smaller and smaller, and can be with the interface of the one-chip computer conveniently year by year, this text has designed the detection system of a kind of temperature. Utilize DS18B20 to gather the temperature, LCD12864ST7920 The liquid crystal display is direct and one-chip computer interface of STC8 9C52, in LCD12864ST7920 On if you can`t reveal, examine into temperature by sum temperature curve. The system is mainly by one-chip computer STC89C52, temperature sensor DS18B20, some formation liquid crystal displays LCD12864ST7920, Circuit of the keyboard and warning circuit make up shown as in Fig. 1. In the front, we have studied the basic theory knowledge of DS18B20 new digital temperature sensor, having a more overallly knowledge of characteristic and application of DS18B20, we combine S51 enhanced experiment board in this lesson, ISP programmable device studies the application software programming of DS18B20, do DS18B20 and examine warm experiment, a our own digital thermometer of DIY, through to study experiment this, know development of DS18B20 skillfully, even may believe you own temperature-controled system of intelligence! Introduce the hardware apparatus of the experiment at first: S51 enhanced one-chip computer experiment board ISP programmable device DS18B20 temperature sensor

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