Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Running the Simple MT 8870 Decoder from your Cell Phone the devise can be operated from any type of DTMF tones like Land Lines, Mobiles, Computers, Radio Transmitters that send DTMF tones over the air waves, Ham Radio sets with DTMF built in to them it has a lot of uses. 2). The devise can be connected to any thing that sends DTMF tones and it will activate the

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relay you can even connect your computer to the devise and adding a two way adapter plug your cell phone in to the two way adapter so when you are at the computer your can turn it on the DTMF decoder`s relay. 3). Now when you go out you can phone the DTMF Decoder and turn on the relay or off for that matter from your cell phone you could even add more to my design and build it in to your own projects it is endless the Possibilities you can do. 5). Why I designed the following DTMF remote controls is down to the amount of DTMF decoders on You Tube that don`t have any form of switching a load, Most of them use a single MT8870 DTMF chip but just turn on LEDs this simple design will turn on a relay to power high power devises if you are using a Cell phone then it can be operated from any where in the world. 6). I have designed this project with a voltage Regulator so you can connect 12 volts to the circuit with out harm the design is in 3 stages the Regulator also DTMF Decoder and the switching of the load. 8). The regulator is there so it allows you to run your devise from 12 volts the regulator will drop the 12 volts to 5 volts witch is a safe level for your MT8870 Chip. 9). I have added a simple Diode at the front of the regulator for added protection from reveres polarity the 2 caps are 100uF 25 volts when the devise is switched on the RED LED will light. 10). Now most of the parts you can get from any electronic shop or...

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