Data Receiver

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Always use shielded LWDAQ Cable to connect the A3018 to the LWDAQ Driver, not Ethernet cables. The shielding stops the cable acting like a radio-frequency antenna. The correct wiring gives the data transfer more immunity to static discharge, as we discuss below. The A3018A, A3018B, and A3018C have a bug in their firmware that ca

Data Receiver
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uses them to record an excessive number of bad messages in the presence of radio-frequency interference. In particular, these devices cannot share a LWDAQ Driver with an RF Spectrometer ( A3008 ), because the spectrometer`s local oscillator interferes with SCT message reception. Return the A3018 to us for a free tune-up and upgrade to A3018D. The Data Receiver (A3018) receives messages from transmitters such as the Subcutaneous Transmitter ( A3013 ) and Subcutaneous Transmitter ( A3009 ). The A3018 is an example of a data recorder, as used with the Recorder Instrument. The A3018 records messages in a first-in first-out buffer. You read out the buffer with LWDAQ hardware and a TCPIP connection. Figure: Data Receiver (A3018C) in a SCT System. The A3018C is the silver box with the big red letters on it. A black coaxial cable carries the antenna signal to the Data Receiver. A white, shielded LWDAQ cable connects the Data Receiver to the LWDAQ Driver. A blue ethernet jumper cable connects the LWDAQ Driver to the laptop. The A3018 receives RF signals through a cable-mounting antenna, such as the A3015. A BNC socket on the side of the A3010 enclosure provides connection for the antenna. The LWDAQ connection is through an RJ-45 socket on the opposite side from the antenna. There are four indicator LEDs next to the RJ-45 socket. The green one closest to the socket is the power indicator (Power). The red LED shines when the message...

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