Data logging to Compact Flash and PCMCIA TDS2020F

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This section covers Compact Flash, Flash-ATA and hard disks. For other media see DATA LOGGING TO RAM CARDS, page274, and DATA LOGGING TO FLASH AND RAM CHIPS, page279, With this module you can quickly build tailor-made data collection systems with removable memory that can be read by a personal computer. It is an ideal way to save time and money de

Data logging to Compact Flash and PCMCIA TDS2020F
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signing custom loggers. The TDS2020F computer card carries a TDS2020CM2 PCMCIA piggyback adapter. Add removable Flash-ATA, Compact Flash, RAM or hard disk memory cards as appropriate to the application. The amount of data you can collect is limited only by card capacity. Data collected can be simply copied as a Windows file to your laptop or office hard disk (card drives for your personal computer are available, both internal and for connection to the parallel port). Alternatively recover data by connecting the module to a parallel printer, or send the information through a serial port, perhaps to a modem or over a telephone or radio link. See MODEMS, page313. Unlike PC solutions, the emphasis is on low power. The Flash or hard disk card is electrically disconnected most of the time. It is not even in standby: it consumes nothing. The software is written so that the storage card powers up as infrequently as possible. Between data readings the system itself may be put into standby so the Data Logger Module will consume less than 200 µA most of the time. A cache RAM on the TDS2020F ensures that the storage card does not have to power up very often. Eventually it will fill and in only 5 seconds a hard disk will spin-up, the computer will dump half a megabyte of data to disk, and the module will go back to standby. This short and infrequent operation takes a current of about 170mA at 12V for a hard disk but the long-term...

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